Let's Bebbl!

What is Bebbl?

Bebbl is the simplest way to talk to people about any topic you want in a dedicated channel.
  • Want to talk to people during the Super Bowl game? Just go to:
  • You have a podcast 'Dubcast' and want to chat with you listeners? Just redirect them to:
  • Or maybe you've seen a cute girl/boy in the canteen of your university 'Stanford' and you want to let her/him know that? Do it at:

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Simple. Fun. Awesome.

There are lots of services on the internet, which approach communication among groups of people. We try to make the communication so fun, so simple and so awesome as never before.

Privacy is Everything!

If you want, you can post to any channel absolutely anonymously. Talk ybout things you'd never dare to talk under your nick name. Share stories. Create private channels. Invite people and be invited. Build hidden communities. It's all up to you!

We say NO to noise.

We won't connect you with people you don't care about. We won't scan your email box and track your friends. We won't annoy you with 'invite your friends' messages. You decide how much Bebbl you want!

Follow other's interessts.

Find people of the same interesst and follow their interest space to be on-the-edge. Don't be annoyed by other people outside of your space of interests.